20 May 2016

Werner Herzog Has Thoughts On Wrestling: Undertaker and Kane

What could be more fearsome than the man who has assumed the mantle of death, vanquished giants and threatens any who yet dare enter his yard? Perhaps only the emotionless masked creature, who has had every emotion but hatred burned away, that claims to be his brother. His fury is more than enough to rip down any barrier the capitalist promoter can dream in order to unleash the most fearsome of blows upon the only other person to know the comfort of their mother's womb.

The masses are captivated by two godless colossal forces paying homage to the world's first murder while a corpulent false prophet screeches from ringside encouraging the battle as a voice for the lecherous wave of humanity assembled in the arena.

Pitched in seemingly unceasing combat, the kinsmen both drive to best the other, but little do they realize that their efforts to supplant their brethren and force them into an eternal slumber only serves to strengthen the resolve of the other, securing the notion that this prolonged sibling rivalry will not cease until the end of reality as we know it to be. The mind of the ticket buyer is an easily manipulated object, it would seem.

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