20 May 2016

Werner Herzog Has Thoughts On Wrestling

Our sense of the real world today is massively challenged; I include here reality television, breast enhancement and the carefully choreographed, fake drama of WrestleMania, populated by larger-than-life characters with muscles that nature doesn't normally provide us with and who take pleasure in telling everyone how unbelievably evil they are. Wrestling matches are continually interrupted by commercials, but never those moments when the owner of the franchise comes out into the ring with two buxom, bikini-clad blondes on his arms, or when his long-suffering wife - allegedly paraplegic and blind - is wheeled out into the ring. His son then steps out into the ring and confronts his father, but not because of how his mother is being treated; he vents because his percentage of the franchise revenue isn't big enough.
...This is all a new form of spectacle, of mythology and storytelling, like the crude beginnings of ancient Greek drama, work that preceded Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides, eventually flowering into something extraordinary. It's fascinating to see how these archetypes function in modern-day culture.
You have the hero Stone Cold Steve Austin who has already embraced the cold harshness that humanity is nothing but decaying bags of flesh marching towards the cold dark that comes with the heat death of the universe by proudly sporting a head long devoid of any follicle. The dead hairs have been shed leaving nothing but the flesh that too shall die. This man represents the strife of the commoner, emulating their lives by finding solace in the expression of physical violence and inexpensive alcohol. And he asks for nothing but the contradiction of a right to do as he wishes and the vocal approval of his fellow man.

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